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Community Events

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Re-engaging In the DEI Environment: Mind, Body and Spirit

January 2022

Danne Johnson and Kathleen McLean, DELA Advisory Board members, hosted an event for DELA Graduates and DEI practitioners to connect and start off 2022 with an opportunity to focus on self care to enhance our DEI work.
This was an opportunity to connect and learn techniques for the Mind, Body and Spirit to enhance your effectiveness as DEI practitioners and trainers.
DELA Graduates earned 1.5 CEU credits.


Interviewing Policy Leaders to Advance Intercultural Competence Across Boundaries

September 30, 2021

In this collaborative article Johnson contributes to the understanding of Intercultural Understanding.  Available at

Summer Reading
Virtual Book Club

July 15 and 28, 2021

This project is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind. We started by conducting a thorough budget analysis, and slowly built a long-term plan for the next few phases. To learn more, contact me today.


Summer Reading
Virtual Book Club

June 16 and 30, 2021

With this project, I helped my client set up a short term plan with long term benefits. I then provided expert advice and strategic planning to help them with implementation. Would you like to learn more about my services?

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The Separation of Church and Race: Can Communities of Faith Close the Divide?

March 24, 2001

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this project, I helped my client define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result.

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